Fatso Jetson
Flames For All

Flames For All


BANDCAMP Plastic Cactus


Released on vinyl, CD and Tape

Man’s Ruin Records – 10″ Vinyl, MR143
Man’s Ruin Records – MR 143CD
Northern Haze – NH04 [Tape]

The fourth album by Fatso Jetson
Released June 9, 1998

Guitar/Vocals – Mario Lalli
Bass – Larry Lalli
Guitar – Gary Arce
Drums – Tony Tornay

Artwork – Kozik
Recorded and mixed by Steve Feldman
Released by Man’s Ruin Records
All music by Fatso Jetson


The Untimely Death Of The Keyboard Player *
Vatos Of The Astral Plane *
Fucked Up And Famous *
Flames For All *
Icon To ExCon *
Let’s Clone
August In Lawndale
Grafitti In Space
Deaf Conductor

* Blue Translucent vinyl Tracks